About H2020

About H2020

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Work Programmes and Call Lists

General Documents

Excellent Science

Industrial Leadership

Societal Challenges

Information Day and Workshop Presentations for ODTÜ Researchers

Information Days

Faculty of Education (December 6, 2013) [TR]

Faculty of Architecture (DecEmber 13, 2013) [TR]

Departments of Civil Engineering, Environmental Engineering and Geological Engineering (December 20, 2013) [TR]

Departments of Chemical Engineering and Food Engineering (January 28, 2014) [TR]

Department of Mechanical Engineering (January 29, 2014) [TR]

Institute of Marine Sciences (April 2-3, 2014) [TR]

Departments of History, Psychology, Philosophy and Sociology (April 4, 2014) [TR]

Departments of Biological Sciences, Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Statistics (June 2, 2014) [TR]

Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences (June 19, 2014) [TR]

General Information Day: H2020 and Financial Issues (July 14, 2014)  [TR]


Pera H2020 Workshop 1 [EN]

Pera H2020 Workshop 2 [EN]

TÜBİTAK H2020 Workshop [TR]

Field Specific Presentations

H2020 Biyoteknoloji

Biotechnology in H2020 [TR]