Expression of Interests of ODTÜ

Science 2.0

Call Title: Innovative schemes for open innovation and science 2.0

Call Identifier: H2020-INSO-4-2015 (click here to see official call page)

Main Title: New forms of innovation

Call Opening Date: 10-12-2014

Call Deadline: 28-05-2015 

"The actions under this topic will help universities, companies and public authorities to enhance their capacity to engage in science 2.0 and open innovation. They will build or reinforce structures and mechanisms to support effective linkages for innovation between universities and companies and other employment sectors, and provide freely accessible innovation training platforms, including digital platforms. This challenge can be addressed through different sets of actions:

a)      Inter-sectorial mobility – development & implementation of a policy of double nominations of research staff in academia, companies and other relevant employment sectors; development & implementation of a policy to further and recognise inter-sectorial mobility;

b)       Academia- Business knowledge co-creation – developing or (further) implementing open innovative schemes to strengthen linkages between academia, industry and community (including consideration of gender aspects);

c)       Innovation leadership programme for public administrations and researchers – developing curricula & providing freely through online platforms, possibly combined with other delivery mechanisms, innovation training for public administrations and researchers, beyond state-of-the-art training programmes & producing curricula and modules for a ‘deep-dive’ short leadership programme, supported by a sustainable platform or community of innovation trainers in order to create and run the leadership programme."