ODTÜ Teknokent Projects Office (TPO)

ODTÜ Teknokent Projects Office (TPO)  ODTÜ Teknokent Projects Office (TPO) supports ODTÜ researchers and ODTÜ Teknokent companies particularly in EU FP7 and Horizon 2020 projects. TPO basically provides project writing, implementation, reporting,  and pre-audit services. Main role of TPO is to take the bureaucratic burden away from the researchers and companies and let them focus on research activities. TPO has been implementing 46 FP7 projects and assisted around 70 projects since its establishment, 2010.  The services provided by TPO to interested faculty members with the aim of facilitating the proposal writing and project management phases of EU‐funded projects are presented in the list below: 

Proposal Writing Phase: 

  • Preparation of the project budget, 
  • Establishing an effective project management structure, 
  • Preparation of work plans and establishment of work breakdown structures, 
  • Preparation of sections that are not directly covering the research aspects of the project, 
  • Networking for potential partners for the project, collecting and organizing the information of the selected consortium partners, 
  • Organization of the timings of the deliverables of the project or providing support to the faculty member during the preparation of relevant sections, 
  • Providing feedback regarding the general integrity of the project proposal, 
  • Determination of the points requiring emphasis in the project proposal, 
  • Formatting the project documents, 
  • Preparation of dissemination and exploitation strategies for the project, 
  • Enabling the cohesiveness of the project proposal with European Union policies, 
  • Preparation of the IPR sections of the project proposal, 
  • Completing necessary tasks dictated by the EU during the project application period, filling  out the A1, A2, A3 forms, 
  • Formatting the project file to be submitted via EPSS and submitting the proposal. 

Project Management Phase: 

  • Control of consortium and grant agreements, 
  • Preparation of contracts that are to be signed by project members, 
  • Providing support during the negotiation period, filling out necessary forms, 
  • Recording expenditures according EU legislations, tracking expenditure documents, 
  • Recording expenditures according Turkish legislations, tracking expenditure documents, 
  • Planning and tracking of expenditures according to the project budget, and limiting them when necessary, 
  • Ensuring that all costs fulfill the eligibility criteria of EU and Turkish legislations, 
  • Preparing periodic financial reports before the deadlines dictated by the EC, 
  • Making necessary arrangements and applications for the VAT exemption certificate, 
  • Preparation of 3 monthly VAT exemption statements, and their: 
  • Preparation of project personnel time sheets 
  • Presenting all necessary information and documents to authorities during the project audit, 
  • Proceeding with the “project closure” procedure required by the Ministry of Finance at end of the project period, 
  • Storing and archiving of project documents throughout the period defined by Turkish and EU legislations.

For further information, please refer to ODTÜ Teknokent's research profile, and website.

Contact Information for ODTÜ Teknokent Projects Office:


E-mail: elif.karabacak[at]odtuteknokent.com.tr

Phone: +90 312 987 35 00